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9 July 2021 - Halifax Pool Closure

I'm afraid it's not good news. The problem with the pool that meant cancelling this week's lessons is not going to be fixed in time for our last sessions before the Summer break next week, sorry.

So I'm afraid the next lessons at Halifax will now be after the Summer at the start of the Autumn term - from Thursday 2nd September.


I realise how frustrating this is for both children and parents, but it's a consequence of the pool having to be closed for so long over the pandemic and nothing that anyone has any control over.


As always, you will be fully credited for the lessons missed - the credit will be applied against next term's invoice. I realise it's a bit cheeky, but if you still have a balance on your account it would make things much easier at our end (and, based on previous experience, less confusing at yours) to pay this term's invoice in full still and allow the credit to reduce next term's invoice. I won't go into the complexities too much, but the way the Academy admin system interfaces with the club's accounts system means we can't apply the credit to this term's invoice if there has been any payment made.


If you are not continuing next term, please let me know and I will arrange for a refund if you have paid in full, or advise the amount to pay if not.


As per my email earlier in the week, renewal details will hopefully be going out in early August once we know full details of any easing of guidelines that may happen over the next couple of weeks.


As always, thank you for your understanding, have a lovely Summer and see you in September.


Best wishes,

Ipswich Swim Academy

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