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ASA stages 1 to 7

Whilst other awards can be achieved along the way, the Amateur Swimming Association's (ASA's) stages 1 to 7 are the main milestones that chart your child's journey from beginner to competent swimmer.


The Challenge award is one of the options that follows on from Stage 7, allowing swimmers to continue working on technique and achieve further awards


Here are the available classes (all 30 minutes long) by stage...

Stage 1

Tuesday - 3.45pm Halifax

Tuesday - 4.15pm Halifax

Thursday - 4.00pm Halifax

Thursday - 4.30pm Halifax

Saturday - 8.30am Halifax

Saturday - 9.00am Halifax

Saturday - 9.30am Halifax


Stage 2

Tuesday - 4.45pm Haliafx

Thursday - 5.00pm Halifax

Thursday - 5.30pm Halifax

Saturday - 10.00am Halifax

Saturday - 10.30am Halifax


Stage 3

Monday - 4.00pm Fore Street

Monday - 4.30pm Fore Street

Wednesday - 6.30pm Fore Street




Stage 4

Monday - 4.30pm Fore Street

Monday - 5.00pm Fore Street

Wednesday - 6.30pm Fore Street

Wednesday - 7.00pm Fore Street


Stage 5

Monday - 4.00pm Fore Street**

Monday - 4.30pm Fore Street**

Monday - 5.00pm Fore Street**

Monday - 5.30pm Fore Street***

Wednesday - 6.30pm Fore Street**

Wednesday - 7.00pm Fore Street***


Stage 6

Monday - 5.30pm Fore Street x 2

Wednesday - 7.00pm Fore Street x 2


Stage 7

Monday - 6.00pm Fore Street x 2



** widths based stage 5 class

*** lengths based stage 5 class



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