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-Arrive for the session in good time (allowing enough time to get changed).

-Use correct gender changing rooms for children 8 and over (English Law)

-Shower at the pool before each session.

-Wear a swim hat (except Adult & Child and Swimfit sessions where hats are optional)

-Wear suitable, close-fitting, one-piece swimwear (no bikini-style, two part costumes)



-Wear spectacles in the water (prescription goggles may be worn).

-Wear jewellery (inc. ear or nose rings).

-Wear Bermuda-style shorts as these can restrict movement and inhibit learning.

-Take photos or videos in pool or changing areas

-Interrupt a teacher during a lesson. Teachers will usually be happy to have a brief conversation between or after lessons. If this is not practical because a number of parents want to talk, or your question requires a detailed answer, please email the office ipswichswimacademy@gmail.com  and we will deal with your query before your next lesson.



-All children in Adult & Child classes should wear a swim nappy under swimwear.

-Children in conventional lessons who are not fully potty trained should wear a swim nappy under swimwear.



-Sickness and/or diarrhea – do not attend for at least 48 hours after the last episode.

-Verruca – Children may attend lessons if a waterproof plaster is worn to completely cover the verruca. Current advice is not to wear a waterproof sock. Further details can be found herehttps://goo.gl/g3CK18.


SWIMMERS (Parents please explain to children)

-Only enter the pool once your Instructor has told you to.

-Co-operate with other children.

-Listen to what your Instructor tells you. If you don't understand, please ask.

-Display good behaviour before, during and after your session.

-Try your best.

-Respect the facility and learning environment for other swimmers

-Please don’t run poolside

-Please don’t throw objects (unless directed to do so by an instructor)

-Please don’t chew gum or eat during a session

-Please don’t misbehave. Children behaving badly may be asked to leave the session.



-No food, glassware or crockery is allowed within the pool area.

-No hot drinks are allowed poolside.

-Overshoes must be worn or shoes removed.

-No buggies – infants should be carried in car seats or baby carriers.



-Parents are responsible for taking children to the toilet.

-Where children are under the age of 8, a responsible adult must remain poolside at all times.

-Please help the teachers’ work by encouraging your child and displaying reasonable behaviour before, during and after the lessons.

-Do not threaten teachers verbally or physically in any way.

-Siblings are permitted poolside but must behave.

-If children over 8 years are left alone at the venue, parents must be present inside the venue to collect their children no later than 5 minutes after the end of their session. Under no circumstances should children be asked to wait outside as once they leave the building neither the Academy nor the council is responsible for them. If a member of staff is required to wait with a child after a session because they have not been collected, a charge of £30 will be made for up to an hour, plus £7.50 per each ¼ hour after the first hour. The Academy reserves the right tor refuse to continue lessons for children whose parents do not collect them in a timely manner.



-Teachers taking registers, answering parents’ questions, re-configuring a pool and having to get changed when switching from an in-pool to poolside session, can take up to 5 minutes of a session. Therefore, please be aware that whilst most lessons will be longer, some 30 minute sessions may only include25 minutes of actual teaching.

-Goggles are optional. Teachers may sometimes ask children wearing goggles to remove them to ensure they are happy and confident without them for safety reasons.

-Personal belongings are left at the owner's risk. Any items left behind will be handed into lost property at the venue.

-Please advise us of any changes in medical conditions, contact details, etc.

-Existing customers are given a priority period for payment of fees, payment of which secures a place. Late payment may result in the place being offered to someone else (in which case we will try and offer an alternative session).

-Renewal information is sent before the end of the previous term. If you don’t wish to continue please let us know so the place may be offered to someone else.

-Fees reserve a place and do not vary depending upon how many times you attend. Credits will be issued for long term illness or injury at the Manager’s discretion.

-The “per session” fee quoted is based on a child attending for a whole term, or from when they start to the end of that particular term. A 20% surcharge will be applied if swimmers leave partway through a term.



-Will conduct lessons with health and safety paramount.

-Prepare for and conduct the lessons in accordance with the ASA’s Learn to Swim Pathway.

-Start and finish lessons on time.




Code of Conduct


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